Lengthen the Spine

If you struggle with an aching back, tight neck or headaches, add this simple exercise to your daily routine and see how a little movement can make big changes.  More exercises like this can be found in the Stretch & Condition class held throughout the week.  There are no beginners or advanced students… just movers.  You’re always welcome, regardless of you ability.  Get started today.

New Class Schedule available for Jan 2018

Here’s a look at the upcoming class schedule beginning January 2018.  Be sure to notice the shift in the lunch time class from 12:15pm to 12:00pm.  I’ve also added ‘Qigong‘ and ‘Tai Chi Chuan‘ as stand alone classes.  ‘Tai Chi/Qigong‘ will still be available.  Qigong Meditation will be integrated into the ‘Qigong’ class.  As always, it is best to reserve your spot before attending a class, as space is limited to fewer than ten students.  If you haven’t attended a class yet, it’s not too late to get started!

schedule 2018

Parting Mane vs Brush Knee

As students work through the first opening movements of Tai Chi Form 24, two sequences may present some confusion:  Parting The Wild Horses Mane and Brush Knee.  Here’s a short video and practice exercise to help you sort through the varying hand positions, transitional movements and weight shifts.  The benefit is in the subtlety of the postures.  Practice consistently and intentionally.

Introduction to Tai Chi & Qigong

If you’ve been thinking about trying a Tai Chi/Qigong class, now is the perfect time.  This FREE introductory workshop is geared to get then beginning student up to speed.  Instruction will include:
– Five Organ Qigong
– Movements 1 and 2 of Yang Form 24
– Fundamentals of Qigong
– Fundamentals of Tai Chi
– 10 min daily practice routine

Date:  Wednesday, Sept 13th
Time:  6:00pm – 7:30pm.
Cost:  FREE
Limited Registration.  Register Here

Reduce Fatigue and Anxiety

Here’s a great Qigong exercise to help reduce fatigue and anxiety, as well as increase flexibility in the neck, chest and forearms.  Practice this simple exercise throughout your day, taking breaks from long stints behind the computer or after long car rides.  Only a few minutes a day will return great benefits.  For more instruction, schedule your first class HERE.

3 Ways to Reduce Tension

When practicing Tai Chi, Qigong or stretching, our main goal should be to first identify an area of warmth or resistance, then secondly remove the resistance.  Ideally, the removal of tension should be more than physical.  Our body is incredibly adaptive, and once the tension has found a home, our tissue quickly remembers.  Here are a few tools to break the ‘pattern’ of tension in the body.

  1.  Identify the tension.  For most, we never take the time to actually recognize that a part of our body is stressed.  Simply bringing attention to the resistance can release the holding.
  2. Breath into the tension.  If identifying the tension doesn’t trigger a release, next bring ‘breath’ to the area of resistance.  As you breath in deeply, imagine expansion in the area affected by the tension.  Visualize the area expanding, as if blowing up a balloon.  A few breathes in and out may be enough to release the tissue or blockage.
  3. Contract/release the tissue.  Lastly, if the tension still persists, bring a slight contraction to the area.  Once you regain control of the tissue, then fully release.

Muscle tension and holding patterns can be very strong, so be persistent with your practice and you’ll soon realize a healthier, freer body.

Summer Class Schedule

As movement classes begin in July, be sure to sign-up on-line, as class sizes are limited to 10.  Here’s a run down of the schedule for Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation and Dynamic Integration.

– Tai Chi / Qigong — 12:15pm
– Qigong Meditation — 5:15pm
– Dynamic Integration — 5:30pm

– Dynamic Integration — 12:15pm
– Qigong Meditation — 5:15pm
– Tai Chi / Qigong — 5:30pm

– Dynamic Integration — 6:15am
– Tai Chi / Qigong — 12:15pm

– Tai Chi / Qigong — 6:15am
– Dynamic Integration — 12:15pm

Looking forward to seeing you in July!

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