What is Dynamic Integration

Dynamic Integration, a unique movement concept, developed by Darold Starliper, Jr., bridges the gap between the structural integration table and the moving body.  While guided through three phases (awaken, support, and extend), students learn to identify resistance in their range of motion and determine the appropriate movement to eliminate the blockage. During a typical class,... Continue Reading →

Is Structural Integration the same as Rolfing?

This is a question I’m asked all the time, and it has a long but simple answer.  Structural Integration is a type of bodywork; ‘Rolfing’ is one of several ‘brands’ of Structural Integration.  ‘Rolfing’ is the original brand of structural integration developed by Ida Rolf.  The term ‘Rolfer’ is given only to practitioners who complete... Continue Reading →

Beyond Pain Management

As our bodies age, joints start to creak and muscles start to ache, at some point we resign ourselves to the ‘fact ??’ that we just have to live with this pain.  Options like medications and even surgery seem to be viable options to help us endure the pain. I don’t believe we need to... Continue Reading →

A Typical Structural Integration Session

What exactly goes on during a structural integration session?  IASI (International Association of Structural Integration) walks you through what to expect:  goals, technique, results, etc. If you’ve already experienced and benefited from structural integration, this is a great site to share with others when they ask you about your sessions. http://www.theiasi.net/a-typical-structural-integration-session

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