Eight Brocades Qigong – Workshop Series

A 4-Class Introductory series held Wednesday evenings, April 25 – May 16, from 6pm – 7pm.

The ‘Eight Brocades’ is a popular qigong set, perfect for anyone looking to improve overall health.  Practicing this set will tonify and regulate qi flow throughout the body as well as improve flexibility and stability and increase strength. These easy to follow movements make a great starting point for anyone interested in Qigong and a great foundational practice to build on.

Sign-up now for this 4-class Introductory series.

Date:     Wed, April 25 – Wed, May 16
Time:     6pm – 7pm
Cost:       $40 (cash/check)
Where:  Liberty Place, 313 W. Liberty St, suite 263

Workshop includes:
— detailed instruction of physical movements
— explanation/discussion of healing benefits of each movement
— general purging and regulating exercises to practice with the Eight Brocades
— practice time and refinement to help with retention of the set
— easy to follow Instructional Sheet, complete with pictures and directions.

* Please note, no refunds will be available if you are unable to attend a specific date.  Every effort will be made to help you ‘catch-up’ on material that may be missed.

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