Feel Great Again!

Feel Great Again is a 6-week program for anyone struggling with a chronic condition and is ready for a transformative new approach that really works.

When:  Thursdays, 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Date:  Sept 13th – Oct 18th
Where:  Liberty Place, suite 263
Cost:  $200

Hosted by Peg Marks, Certified Health Educator

In this program, we will cover:

Week 1: Letting Go of Stress
Stress affects every aspect of your health and your life. This week we’re going to explore exactly how stress impacts you and some ways to lessen your stress so that you can feel physically better, have better moods, and even sleep better.

Week 2: Eating for Healing
This week we’ll look at how food affects your body, how you feel, and your overall health. We’ll talk about what foods to avoid and most importantly the world’s best foods to restore your health and vitality.

Week 3: Super Foods For Super Health
Today we’ll delve into two of the most powerful ingredients you can add to your diet to prevent and help with chronic disease. Get ready to discover the superpowers of phytonutrients.

Week 4: Happy, Healthy Gut
Your gut plays a critical role in your overall health, and has as big an impact on your emotional well-being as your brain. Today you’ll discover how to treat your gut well and supercharge your health with superbugs you need to know.

Week 5: Creating a Healthy Environment
Did you know what you breathe and what you wear is just important to your health as what you eat? Today we’ll talk about how to create an environment for your body that leads to amazing health.

Week 6: Continuing Your Healthy Journey
This week, we’ll look at the journey you’re on and where you go from here. You’ll come away with a roadmap to continue toward the healthiest you, you can be.

Peg Marks is a health educator who enjoys helping people with chronic conditions to make lifestyle changes, so they can feel healthy and energetic again.  Peg has a Master’s Degree in Social Work, a certification in Reality Therapy, and is a Certified Health Educator through the Hippocrates Health Institute.  She developed her knowledge of how to make food that’s delicious and health-promoting while interning at one of New England’s most popular raw vegan eateries.  Peg is passionate about showing people how easy and fun it can be to eat foods that improve energy, uplift mood, and foster lasting good health.

Contact Peg, to register for this upcoming workshop series.

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