A Few Small Changes You’ll Notice

The name ‘tai chi’ refers to a philosophy linking two concepts together ‘wuji’ and ‘yin/yang’.  Wuji, which means ‘no extremities’, is a state of emptiness or no boundaries.  Yin/Yang paints a picture of balance between two extremities or opposites (ie:  hot/cold, black/white, summer/winter).  So within the transition from wuji to yin/yang is the creating force of ‘tai chi’.  Tai Chi is translated as ‘Grand Ultimate’, meaning a force so great and powerful, that it can create something (yin/yang) out of nothingness (wuji).

The nickname of ‘tai chi’ has become associated with the art of tai chi, but rather it should be called by its full name, “tai chi chuan”, meaning “Grand Ultimate Fist”, referring to the martial art system created from the philosophy of tai chi.

Along with the shortened nickname, tai chi is also an older Romanization of the Chinese word, but because of its popularity, tai chi has remained.

In interest of preserving the true meaning of the art and accuracy of translations, you’ll now find the word “taijiquan” (pronounced ‘tie jee chwan’), in place of ‘tai chi’.  This new spelling is the more modern Romanization of the full name and correlates with the current Romanization of the word “qigong“, vs the older version of ‘chi kung, (pronounced ‘chee gung’).

Another change you’ll notice when scheduling, is that ‘taijiquan’ and ‘qigong’ are offered separately.  Many students are progressing and require more time for refinement, so combining the two topics is not ideal.  As students continue to progress, class schedules and offerings will continue to change.  As for now, all are welcome.  Classes are structured toward individual instruction, so you’ll never feel like you’re behind.



Intro to “Stretch & Condition”

Learn to eliminate, everyday aches and pains through stretching and strengthening the body’s muscles and joints. The human body is a complex machine that, like all other machines, require basic maintenance in order to run correctly. Stretching is the basic maintenance the body requires. During this intro workshop, you’ll learn basic movement concepts and techniques to immediately begin applying to your daily routine and quickly gain control over the aches and pains that you thought you would ‘just have to live with’. “Stretch & Condition” is more than just touching your toes, it’s a complex movement concept designed to increase mobility and suppleness of muscles while creating more flexibility and eliminating pain.

When:  Thursday, Feb 22nd
Time:    6:30pm – 7:30pm
Where:  Liberty Place, 313 W Liberty St, suite 262

This is a FREE event, but please respect the limited availability. Only register for this event if you are committed to attending.

Click HERE to register.

Additional Class Times Added

Many of you have asked for class times with Qigong only and Tai Chi only instruction, as well as later evening times.  Beginning this coming Monday, Jan 22nd the following classes will be available:

Monday 6:30pm Qigong
Monday 7:30pm Tai Chi
Tuesday 12:00pm Qigong
Thursday 6:15am Qigong

Be sure to register right away.  As class sizes grow, I’ll continue to offer a wider variety of offerings.

For now, all Tai Chi instruction will be based on Yang Form 24.  The ‘Tai Chi only’ class will be open to all students and offers deeper instruction, refinement and application of the Yang Form 24.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

New Schedule and Curriculum on Hold

As my studies continue with different teachers, the shape and direction of my Tai Chi instruction has continued to shift.  For the time being, I am postponing the Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan class, until I solidify my studentship with the appropriate instructors.  I am extremely sorry for the change, but this delay will insure the fluidity between all of my teachings and services as well as solidify the foundation of the curriculum.

You can view the current class schedule here.  It will remain very similar to the 2017 schedule with only a shift in the lunch time classes.  Please note the Qigong only class is temporarily postponed as well.

Stay connected for updates on future classes.
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Introduction to Tai Chi & Qigong

Start your New Year off right.  If you’ve been thinking about trying a Tai Chi/Qigong class, now is the perfect time.  This FREE introductory workshop is geared to get the beginning student up to speed.  Instruction will include:

– Five Organ Qigong
– Movements 1 and 2 of Yang Form 24
– Fundamentals of Qigong
– Fundamentals of Tai Chi
– 10 min daily practice routine

Date:  Wednesday, January 10th
Time:  6:30pm – 8:00pm.
Cost:  FREE
Limited Registration.  Register Here

Lengthen the Spine

If you struggle with an aching back, tight neck or headaches, add this simple exercise to your daily routine and see how a little movement can make big changes.  More exercises like this can be found in the Stretch & Condition class held throughout the week.  There are no beginners or advanced students… just movers.  You’re always welcome, regardless of you ability.  Get started today.

New Class Schedule available for Jan 2018

Here’s a look at the upcoming class schedule beginning January 2018.  Be sure to notice the shift in the lunch time class from 12:15pm to 12:00pm.  I’ve also added ‘Qigong‘ and ‘Tai Chi Chuan‘ as stand alone classes.  ‘Tai Chi/Qigong‘ will still be available.  Qigong Meditation will be integrated into the ‘Qigong’ class.  As always, it is best to reserve your spot before attending a class, as space is limited to fewer than ten students.  If you haven’t attended a class yet, it’s not too late to get started!

schedule 2018

Parting Mane vs Brush Knee

As students work through the first opening movements of Tai Chi Form 24, two sequences may present some confusion:  Parting The Wild Horses Mane and Brush Knee.  Here’s a short video and practice exercise to help you sort through the varying hand positions, transitional movements and weight shifts.  The benefit is in the subtlety of the postures.  Practice consistently and intentionally.

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