Stretch & Condition

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Learn to eliminate, everyday aches and pains through stretching and strengthening the body’s muscles and joints. The human body is a complex machine that, like all other machines, require basic maintenance in order to run correctly. Stretching is the basic maintenance the body requires.  In every class, you’ll learn basic movement concepts and techniques to immediately begin applying to your daily routine and quickly gain control over the aches and pains that you thought you would ‘just have to live with’. “Stretch & Condition” is more than just touching your toes, it’s a complex movement concept designed to increase mobility and suppleness of muscles while creating more flexibility and eliminating pain.

During a typical class, students are guided through specific movements intended to build awareness, suppleness, strength and flexibility.

Participants of all abilities are welcome to join, as modifications are given for every movement.  Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn.  Participants will walk away from a session feeling  invigorated and unrestricted.

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