Structural Integration

Structural Integration addresses the body’s fascial network, the fibrous connective tissue that holds the body together and gives it shape.  During each session, Darold will analyze standing posture and movement to determine holding patterns in the fascia and establish the most effective treatment series to release these patterns.  Increased mobility, ease of movement, reduction of pain, and improved posture are all benefits of Structural Integration.

Structural Integration can be received in individual sessions or as a progression of the 10 session series. Click Here to schedule now.

During a Structural Integration Series, Darold will systematically guide you through (10) sessions of bodywork, each progressively building toward the next.

Session Goals:

1)  Open Chest/Free Pelvis

2)  Stabilize Feet & Legs

3)  Lengthen Lateral Line

4)  Lift Medial Leg & Release Pelvis

5)  Free Abdomen & Release Pelvis

6)  Lengthen Back Line

7)  Free Neck

8)  Integrate Lower Body

9)  Integrate Upper Body

10) Client Centered Integration

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