Summer Class Schedule

As movement classes begin in July, be sure to sign-up on-line, as class sizes are limited to 10.  Here’s a run down of the schedule for Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation and Dynamic Integration.

– Tai Chi / Qigong — 12:15pm
– Qigong Meditation — 5:15pm
– Dynamic Integration — 5:30pm

– Dynamic Integration — 12:15pm
– Qigong Meditation — 5:15pm
– Tai Chi / Qigong — 5:30pm

– Dynamic Integration — 6:15am
– Tai Chi / Qigong — 12:15pm

– Tai Chi / Qigong — 6:15am
– Dynamic Integration — 12:15pm

Looking forward to seeing you in July!

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  1. Hi Darold,

    I can’t seem to register for your classes. Or maybe I am not understanding it right. I would love to do all of them but unfortunately I can’t, I can only do the Tuesday 12:15 and Wednesday 12:15pm classes. Is it going to be different every week? And how much are the classes?

    Thank you, Chris Brillhart

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    1. Hi Chris, everything looks good on your account here, shouldn’t be a problem to schedule. Let me know where you are trying to schedule and what you see when scheduling. Tuesdays will always be dynamic integration and Wednesdays will always be Tai Chi/Qigong.

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