Tai Chi

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Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art of relaxation, healing and self-defense.  Its gentle and fluid motions are suitable for everyone, regardless of age or athletic ability.  Widely practiced for its stress reduction, energy enhancement, and strengthening the body and mind, Tai Chi builds total body awareness and coordination.

A typical Tai Chi class will include a gentle warm up and strengthening period where joints and muscles are prepared for movement.  Once properly prepared, the class will move into instruction and practice of the Tai Chi 24 Form, the most popular routine practiced in the world today.  As opposed to the Tai Chi/Qigong class, this Tai Chi only class will offer more detailed instruction, refinement and application of the form.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in Push Hands, a partner practice which allows participants to develop their sensitivity and apply movements learned in their form practice.

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