Time-Lapse of Qigong Meditation & Posture

Here’s an amazing video clip of a 10-minute meditation, compressed to 30 seconds.  Watch as my posture is naturally corrected during this time.

This particular meditation was focused on the first two of five ‘Regulations’ in Qigong… 1) regulate the body and 2) regulate the breath.

To regulate the body, you simply identify tension and give the thought of ‘letting go’.  There are other techniques which I’ve spoken about in earlier posts to assist in regulating the body.  You can read about them here.

To regulate the breath, I used Natural abdominal breathing during this meditation.  Natural breathing is when the abdomen expands as you breath in and compresses as you breath out.  This added intention allows the muscles of the spine and thorax to assist in releasing postural tension.

Visit during any Qigong class to learn more about regulating the body.


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