Upcoming Introductory Workshops

Intro to Tai Chi Push Hands

Push hands is a practice method used in Taijiquan (tai chi) to apply skills such as ‘sticking’, ‘listening’ and ‘centering’ while participating with partners. This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning more about Taijiquan, Push Hands and applications.

Material Covered:
– centering, neutralizing, coiling, uprooting, yin/yang symbol sticky hands
– single hand push hands (horizontal, downward, upward and sideways)

FREE (1) Hour Class open to all participants.

Getting Started in Tai Chi

Taijiquan (Tai Chi) is an ancient Chinese martial art. Practiced today primarily for healing, taijiquan builds strength, flexibility and agility as well as increase energy and vitality. This workshop is open to everyone, and is intended to jump-start the beginning Taijiquan student and prepare them for their first class.

Material to be Covered:
– 3 stances
– 3 movement patterns
– 3 postures in the opening of Form 24

$20 (90) Minute Class open to all participants


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