Which class is a fit for me?

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the movement classes tie together.  Check the current schedule and register for your first class.

Taijiquan:  Improve strength and agility while studying the fundamental movements of Taijiquan.  During a typical class you will continue to add new movements to Form 24, while progressing at an individual pace.  Learn to calm the mind and body in motion, as well as gain insights into the movement and martial applications of Taijiquan.

Qigong:  Deepen your understanding of the healing benefits of Taijiquan.  Instruction and practice focuses on the first four regulations of qigong:  body, breath, mind and qi.  Practice also includes a variety of popular qigong sets, such as 8 Pieces of Brocade and 5 Yin Organs.  Learn to release muscle tension and calm the mind.

Push Hands:  Practice the applications of the Taijiquan form while working with partners.  During a typical class you will experience how Taijiquan principles are applied in martial scenarios.  Please note, this is not a ‘fighting’ class.  The practice is intended to enrich your understanding of Taijiquan and gain insight into the practice.  To be proficient in self-defense, a much more intense training schedule is required.

Stretch & Condition:  Improve the overall quality of muscle tissue while improving joint range of motion and muscle flexibility.  A great supplement to help achieve the lower postures of the Taijiquan form as well as manage and eliminate chronic overuse symptoms from the modern-day lifestyle.

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